November 14, 2018

This was originally an assignment in a midwifery course. I've shared my thoughts here in hopes it helps other birth workers serve all birthing people with dignity and thoughtfulness. To read the PDF of the assignment, click here

Case Study 1

Part 1: You have begun offering well-person care in your practice some years ago, but until now, you haven’t had the opportunity of serving a trans male for a pelvic with pap. Chris called to schedule with you for 2 weeks from now.

a.    What are the special considerations you have?

To begin with, I’d want to make a conscious effort to shift pronoun usage if my typical clientele included primarily people who prefer she/her pronouns. I’d want to remember going in to ask about pronoun choices. I’d also need to look over my documents and forms prior to the appointment to ensure they were inclusive and left room to chat about the experiences, needs, and values of a trans man. I would want to inquire with Chris as to the preferred environment fo...

November 12, 2018

This was an assignment from my first term of midwifery school. I hope it is helpful to future clients and other consumers about to birth who may be introduced to this potent drug. To view the PDF of this assignment, click here.


Cytotec Review Assignment

Getting through the fourth chapter of “Born in the USA” was a challenge for me. I have been involved as a doula in two traumatic births where Cytotec was administered without informed consent. Both labors resulted in emergency Cesarean births due to hyperstimulation of the uterus and dangerous decelerations in the baby’s heart rate. Though the labors I was involved with did not end in deaths, they were close calls with their own unique health ramifications. It is incredibly frustrating and disheartening to know these scenarios were completely avoidable.

A search of the most recent literature on Cytotec use for induction yields confusing results. Some research cites that oral application is safe and effective for induction, while bla...

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