August 29, 2019

This was an assignment for a recent course that I found particularly helpful. Sussing out how we might react to experiences as student midwives before they happen can help us navigate the hardships that come along with midwifery as a career. I hope sharing this might be helpful to other student midwives and even doulas and birth keepers. We cannot keep others without first addressing what we ourselves need. And this goes beyond surviving, because we want more for our clients and communities than to just survive. 

Prompt 1: As a midwife, you should promote to your clients the benefits of self-care, which can be challenging in the best of circumstances. What plans do you have for maintaining a healthy lifestyle myself during this time? Include your plans for routine exercise, healthy eating, proper rest and relaxation, visits to your healthcare providers, spiritual/mental wellbeing.

Scenario two asks the student to identify self-care strategies and plans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle...

August 20, 2019

Elder Student Project, Part 3: Interview with Bea*

For my interview with a Phase 3 student, I had a 20-minute chat Bea, who has been actively working as a primary midwife under supervision since April of this year. She is currently working at a birth center outside of Orange County, with seven preceptors. Bea attends about half of the 15 births they have each month. I immediately asked about how she juggles working with so many preceptors, because it seems beyond my capacity as a human being at this stage. Bea shared that while it is hard to get to know each preceptor in this model, she absolutely loves learning from so many people. She also pointed out that because there are many voices and opinions, the birth center has strict protocols all must adhere to, which has helped streamline her own learning and allowed her to find her role in this setting a bit easier than previous placements. It was obvious that Bea has quite a fondness for her current clinical placement, as she literally c...

August 18, 2019

This was a fun project for the Midwifery Assistant Orientation course at Midwives College of Utah. I took this course Summer 2019, so as soon as this list is published it is outdated. The first list is what I have already, some of which goes into my assistant midwife bag. The second list is just some of what I'll need to practice independently as a home birth midwife in Orange County, CA. List adapted from Heart & Hands, 5th Ed.

Supplies I Have:

-Doppler & ultrasound gel


-Stethoscope (2)

-Blood pressure cuff (2)

-1 pair operating scissors, 5-1/2” straight, sharp/blunt

-1 pair Kelly forceps, 5-1/2” straight

-1 tape measure (flexible)

-Non-sterile gloves


-Essential oils



Supplies I Need:

-Heating pad

-Bulb syringe

-Heating pad

-Vinyl gloves

-Disposable under pads (chux)

-Infant scale

-3 curved hemostats

-1 pair operating scissors, 5-1/2” straight blunt/blunt

-1 pair umbilical scissors

-1 cord bander

-3 mosquito forceps

-2 needle holders

-1 ring forceps

-Cord clamp devices


August 16, 2019

Elder Student Project, Part 1: Interview with Debbie* 


For my interview with a Phase One student, I was lucky enough to chat with someone I know personally. I first met Debbie last year; we both began at Midwives College of Utah around the same time and connected in-person while she was living nearby. We had a lot in common and I was sad to see her go when she moved for a clinical placement. I was excited to reconnect for this project to hear how clinic was going thus far. For a little background, Debbie is a mother to one and she and her partner are separated geographically at present. She is in a clinical placement with three midwives and other students at various stages.


I dove into questions, inquiring about the expectations her preceptors have for their student midwives in the observe phase. She shared that showing up and staying as long as necessary were he...

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