December 6, 2018

This was originally an assignment in a midwifery course. I've shared my thoughts here in hopes it helps other birth workers serve all birthing people with dignity and thoughtfulness. 

Case Study

Michael and Shona and their children are dedicated to their conservative Baptist faith. Michael is a deacon and Shona ministers to children in the nursery. You have assisted them with five other births. Shona has just given birth to their 8th child. When you conduct the newborn exam you find the following genitalia: an opening that could be a vagina, a swollen area that look similar to a divided testicular sack or a labia that is uniquely formed, an enlarged clitoris/small penis. You discuss your findings with the parents and show them the baby’s genitalia. You recommend that they assess for urination and follow-up with their pediatrician within 24 hours. You continue to provide postpartum care to the baby and mother. The mother reports that the baby is urinating well.

At their two-week postpartum...

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