August 17, 2019

Elder Student Project, Part 2: Interview with Marian*


For my interview with a Phase 2 student, a student I have never interacted with was kind enough to volunteer. Marian is nearing the end of her assist phase work, having just garnered signatures for her last assistant midwife numbers. She has also finished her year-2 clinic courses at Midwives College of Utah and is beginning to shift into a primary midwife role in prenatal visits. When asked what she is liking most about clinic right now, Marian shared that she is excited to be making real progress in both numbers on paper and in her skill-set. She said it is still a challenge not to be the one making the calls yet with clients and cited this as the biggest drawback of being a clinical assistant to a midwife. She craves the responsibility of being in charge even though she knows she is not quite ready to be independent as a practitioner.


August 16, 2019

Elder Student Project, Part 1: Interview with Debbie* 


For my interview with a Phase One student, I was lucky enough to chat with someone I know personally. I first met Debbie last year; we both began at Midwives College of Utah around the same time and connected in-person while she was living nearby. We had a lot in common and I was sad to see her go when she moved for a clinical placement. I was excited to reconnect for this project to hear how clinic was going thus far. For a little background, Debbie is a mother to one and she and her partner are separated geographically at present. She is in a clinical placement with three midwives and other students at various stages.


I dove into questions, inquiring about the expectations her preceptors have for their student midwives in the observe phase. She shared that showing up and staying as long as necessary were he...

March 25, 2019

This was originally an assignment in a midwifery course. I've shared my thoughts here in hopes it helps other birth workers serve all birthing people with dignity and thoughtfulness. To read the original format of the assignment and/or references, click here

A particularly intriguing birth model is that of a simple triad of support consisting of an obstetrician, midwife, and doula as presented by Ricardo Jones. When reading Jones’ chapter, three major themes common among successful models of birth are apparent. First and foremost, evidence-based practice is key, which can be understood as the place where client values, provider experience/opinion, and quality research intersect. Not only does Jones make specific mention of evidence-based medicine being an important component to his career, he also absorbs and applies others’ works, papers, and data around evidence-based birth in order to improve his practice (Jones, 2009). 

The second prominent theme is that of a patient-centered...

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