September 22, 2018

Just a couple days after my video recording about how excited I was feeling about midwifery school, I had a terribly anxiety-ridden day and thought I'd share the darker side of anticipation. Sometimes anticipation is healthy and can be really productive. When a client of mine is in anticipation of meeting their newborn baby at birth, I see it as a joyful thing. But if anticipation bleeds and becomes anxiety, it can look like a pregnant person googling kick counts and the purported reasons a baby hiccups prior to birth. 

So, here's me checking my anxiety and actively trying to shift back to a place of anticipation that is productive, healthy, and sane. Midwifery school is still on the horizon, and taking things day by day is the best way to approach becoming a midwife in my book. 

I’m having a lot of anxiety tonight, specifically regarding the big picture of midwifery school and becoming a midwife. So here’s what I did that was stupid – and I’m being so judgmental of myself right now, whi...

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