September 21, 2018

Sometime mid-2017, I decided to pursue becoming a midwife. It was a thought long in the making, but one that I had not given much attention to. After discussing my options for school, career paths, options for financial aid, and more with my husband and anyone else who would listen to me process. After some amazing advice from fellow student midwives in Orange County and beyond, I decided to pursue nurse-midwifery specifically. I began taking classes to complete prerequisites in order to apply to nursing school; I threw myself into allll the science courses that I had always avoided, knowing I just needed to get through them, then just needed to get through nursing school. Someday, finally, I would be able to study and practice the birthy stuff my heart, mind, and spirit so adore. I would just need to be patient…. The video below (transcription below that) is me chatting about how I realized that the nurse-midwifery path was not for me and how I came to understand my values around birt...

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December 12, 2018

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