Postpartum Doula Support

What Sets Amanda Apart

Amanda's approach to postpartum care is completely tailored to each family. She provides holistic, thorough care in the weeks following the birth of a baby to ensure you feel surrounded with intentional support. 

Though she has supported over 300 post-birth families in her career, Amanda's clients often refer to her as truly nonjudgmental and relatable above being an expert in her field. She is committed to the process of shared decision making and will never presume to know what's best for your family and your life. 

Whether you need a few hours of support or round the clock care for your family, Amanda can help you get the support you need during the intensely beautiful, sometimes challenging, and always interesting postpartum period.

What Amanda Provides

Complimentary consultation: First, we connect via phone. If we seem to be a good match, an in-home consultation is made available for those seeking to book support packages. 


Scheduling Flexibility: Daytime doula care typically takes place between 9am-9pm & Overnight doula support happens between 9pm-9am. Amanda does not require specific days and times booked in advance of birth; clients booking packages have their spot held on the calendar for the period around their estimated due date and scheduling is simple and direct once baby is born. 

Individualized Care: Each visit begins with a check-in to hear parents' and caregivers' concerns and questions. Sometimes postpartum doulas spend the majority of the postpartum visit caring for the newborn while parents rest; other times, doulas are doing practical work to help the household run smoothly. Every visit looks different because every family is different!

What a Postpartum Doula Visit Can Look Like:

  • Answering all the baby questions

  • Making suggestions for body + life wellness as you recover from birth

  • Promoting parent-baby bonding with specific techniques

  • Providing in-depth breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and formula feeding help

  • Figuring out a safe, comfortable sleep situation for the whole family

  • Troubleshooting sleep issues in baby and the family 

  • Caring for baby while you sleep, eat, shower, etc.

  • Cooking a delicious meal, getting groceries, setting up deliveries

  • Doing light housekeeping such as laundry, dishes, & organizing

  • Talking with baby's siblings to help them adjust to the addition

  • Teaching handling and set-up procedures for pumping and storing milk

  • Assisting with cloth diapering and baby wearing, if desired

  • Taking walks, attending doctor's visits with parents

Postpartum Doula Testimonials

"I had to have surgery when my newborn was only 2 months old. I was concerned about the baby, my 3-year old, and about my husband managing all of that (while worrying about me). I was also very concerned that the baby would not come back to the breast after being bottle fed for 24+ hours. I reached out to Amanda right away for postpartum doula help. She was a Godsend! From working with me on how to best handle the situation to supporting my ideas and giving excellent suggestions, to going with the flow as things changed at the last minute.


She took the nighttime shift herself. It made the entire process so much easier. I was so comfortable with her with the baby, with her helping me pump, etc. She made me comfortable enough to get the sleep I desperately needed to recover and followed up with us afterward to see how I was feeling. I cannot say enough about how much Amanda did to make what could have been a very difficult situation go smoothly and seamlessly. She is a truly good, caring person, a calming force in stressful situations, a phenomenal doula, and just plain wonderful in every way! I highly highly recommend her for any of your placenta encapsulation and doula needs! My only complaint? She can't be here with me 24/7 for the next 18 years."


                               ~Bree, Laguna Niguel

A long overdue update as I also had the pleasure of having Amanda as our post partum doula. She is such a calm, confident and loving person. She came into our home from 10pm - 6am once a week the first couple months of our daughter's life to help me get some sleep. Upon prompt arrival, Amanda would spend the first 30-40 minutes with myself and my husband answering first time parent questions (all those "is this normal??" questions!) She was so patient with us.

After our chat, we would give her other tasks to consider like sterilizing bottles and pump pieces, laundry etc. I would sleep in the guest room so that when our daughter was ready to eat, Amanda would come wake me up and hand a freshly changed baby to me. Amanda would also bring me a big glass of water and a snack. After baby was done nursing, Amanda would take her and put her back down so I could go right back to sleep. It was amazing! 

Amanda always left detailed notes about questions that were answered, remedies to try, when baby woke and ate, etc. at the end of her stay. Amanda continues to be my sounding board for baby related questions here and there and our daughter is now 5.5 months old =)
Highly recommended!!

                                           ~Dara, Irvine

If you are thinking about a Doula - stop thinking and do it!!! First, the normalcy your life will receive with a couple good nights sleep is immeasurable. Second, you will love that baby even more once you've had a chance to recover from those first sleepless weeks. 


Now let me tell you about Amanda. Before we met her we did a fairly exhaustive search. We interviewed 6 on the phone and 3 in person. While all were nice people we never felt that connection with any. Then we met Amanda. She is amazing! Kind, calm, rich in knowledge, professional, and overall a very loving person (you can just tell when you meet her). We signed up that night and a couple weeks later she was helping us with our gassy bundle of joy. 


What you can expect - Prompt - never late, not once- Professional - sends night recaps every night, feedings, sleeping, overall how the baby did- Knowledgable - has many certifications and was a wiki for new parents- Calm - every morning was there with a smile and well rested baby- Caring - always asking us about the baby's development (we saw Amanda 2x a week). If you have the opportunity to use her services, do it! She is amazing 5 stars for sure!!!


Thank you Amanda, we miss you already.

                                                                                             ~Aron, Mission Viejo

Having Amanda as our doula, both for birth and especially for post-partum, was like having an extremely helpful and knowledgeable friend. As a post-partum doula, her advice and experience was invaluable. As first time parents, it was easy to be pressured and overwhelmed by professionals who didn't always agree with our choices. Amanda was always there to remind us of our rights as parents and to give us plenty of information and research so we could make educated decisions.


Amanda is the type of person to help out in any way she can, even if it has nothing to do with taking care of the baby. When I told her I had cavities and no dental insurance, she sent me information to free clinics and cheap insurance plans, helping me know some of my options. Not only was she the best doula we could ever hope for, she will remain in our hearts as a friend. 

                                                                                               ~Angel, Yorba Linda

Daytime Postpartum Doula Support

Single Visit   ~195


  • Up to 4 hours of in-home support between 9am-9pm

  • Availability dependent on schedule with booked clients

Popular Postpartum Doula Packages

1 Week   ~575


  • Up to 3 visits

2 Weeks   ~995


  • Up to 6 visits

1 Month  ~1895


  • Up to 12 visits

  • Bonus prenatal visit to help you prep for life with baby

Overnight Postpartum Doula Support

Single Visit   ~395


  • Up to 8 hours of in-home support between 9pm-9am

  • Availability dependent on schedule with booked clients

Popular Postpartum Doula Packages

1 Week    ~1095


  • Up to 3 visits

2 Weeks  ~1995


  • Up to 6 visits

1  Month  ~3795


  • Up to 12 visits

  • Bonus prenatal visit to help you prep for life with baby

All packages include half-day visits +​

~Resources, referrals, and handouts

~Car seat education + support during visit

~24/7 support via text, call, & email throughout the package

~Access to lending library with babywearing carriers, exercise balls, books, and more

All packages include a full overnight visit +​

~Resources, referrals, and handouts

~Car seat education + support during visit

~24/7 support via text, call, & email throughout the package length

~Access to lending library with babywearing carriers, exercise balls, books, and more

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